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Teledyne Dalsa's high speed line scan imagers deliver industry-leading performance, and are the acknowledged leader in TDI (Time Delay and Integration) line scan
Navitar designs and manufactures a wide variety of high magnification imaging optics for a broad range of applications including the biomedical, nanotechnology, semiconductor and electronic imaging industries.
ACE Mach / OSE is an expert in LED Lighting Technology. They proposes optimal lighting in various industrial applications with its know-how of illumination.
Euresys has innovative and high-performance Frame Grabbers for high-end video surveillance and industrial machine vision applications.
Euresys offers a complete range of robust and powerful Machine Vision Software Tools for image acquisition and vision-oriented analysis.
VRmagic presents a 3D area sensor based on digital stripe light projection that supplies ready-calculated 3D data records for industrial image processing. The AreaScan3D sensor outputs the recorded 3D data to the evaluation computer via the Industrial Ethernet interface. The data is output directly as a point cloud or a grayscale-coded range map.