3D Scanner


Gocator all-in-one 3D Smart Sensors are trusted worldwide for automated inspection. Combining 3D scanning, measurement and control in a single device — with no external PCs or controllers required — Gocator is a powerfully effective all-in-one sensor that easily fits into any inspection system and reduces cost and complexity on the factory floor. All Gocators are factory pre-calibrated so technicians can simply connect a computer to the sensor, open a web browser and configure the necessary sensor functions such as exposure, triggering logic, dimensional measurement tools and communication method. Once setup is complete, Gocator provides high-speed, micron-level measurement and controls that can automatically identify and execute pass/fail decisions on the entire range of critical packaging inspection requirements. Gocators’ height/range map data can be output to 3rd party software ; such as Halcon ; for further processing.

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